VanillaIP Webinars are a recurring series of live demonstrations, latest releases, training and insights. As such there are webinar events that will appeal to management, operations and sales teams for Distributors and Resellers. Register ahead of time for these events that will be run by VanillaIP experts, with the opportunity to interact and ask questions. All webinars are archived for later review

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Eternity Licenses & Commercials: May 9, 2017

As adoption of Hosted PBX accelerates, how well positioned is your offering to maximise sales potential and margin in each opportunity? We are not talking about winning deals, we are talking about taking the maximum revenue opportunity available in deals you have won.

Uboss provides the most extensive go-to-market commercial options available in the UK today. This is crucial to increasing “wallet share” without changing your headline recurring monthly charge but simply increasing the seat price. This webinar will also highlight our “Eternity Licenses”, which act as perpetual licenses for VanillaIP services and packages which means you can take a true wholesale offer and operate your own virtual Broadsoft and Uboss Cloud network!


Uboss Cloud NOC: May 17, 2017

Uboss Cloud NOC capabilities are delivered through Uboss Packet Analyzer and device manager. This includes viewing device registrations in real-time, *57 user initiated trace of problem calls, automated PCAP and SIP traces, IP traffic monitoring, remote device reboot and handset firmware updates; all with automated alerts and tracking. Together these tools give your Operations and Support teams the ability to provide the best customer service experience possible. In this hands-on webinar, we will be looking at real-time information of all customers calls, call quality and customer flagged calls.


Uboss Billing & Fraud Guarantee: May 23, 2017

For too long Service providers and carriers have shirked their responsibility for addressing toll fraud and passed that risk to their customers. In a first for the UK channel VanillaIP are announcing guaranteed fraud protection. The resellers, and the customers, risk is now capped at three times the DAILY credit limit for the extension, which is typically £15.00. Uboss has extensive fraud protection levels that have been developed over the last 6 years which include near real time rating of both completed and “in flight” calls  features layers of security and will shut down a breached extension mid-call, if the extension breaches its individual credit limit

This webinar will also showcase the Uboss billing capability, automating many of the end of month functions resellers are used to performing. Uboss allows all services and calls to be billed to a user level and is a single process unified with provisioning, which means invoice are can be produced automatically and within 24 hours of the close of invoice period.


Branding & Differentiation: May 31, 2017

For us, “White Label” means 100% your own brand, not co-branding where a customer can easily google your competitors that have an identical solution. Our branding capability includes the ability to massage the BroadSoft solution into your own bundles and price points. Naturally this also extends to portal URL’s, branded documentation and Uboss portal logos but also includes branded phone screens, your logo on desktop apps and branded bills. This webinar will show how you can build your own brand equity, not someone else’s.