About us

VanillaIP is a software development house and a leading provider of white label Cloud solutions to the UK channel. Our proposition is that Channel Partners can win Hosted PBX and sophisticated UC business with our innovative Uboss platform.

Uboss is a central provisioning, reporting and automation platform that sits on our BroadSoft platform. This provides a number of capabilities for providers to stand out in a crowded market.


Your Customer Advantage

Custom Packages & Bundles – Create your own custom packages and price points combining Uboss, BroadSoft and your own services
True White Label – Put your logo on the customer desktop apps, IP phone screens, Uboss portal and invoices
Advanced Product Set – VanillaIP has a unique proposition in that we are not simply reselling BroadSoft services. Our R&D around user apps, call centre reports and Uboss services makes you different
Your Focus -Sales– Transition your business to a total sales focus with Uboss automating many “cost centres” in a typical channel provider business


Your Back Office Advantage

Total Automation – Bulk Job and Packet Analyzer within Uboss make it easier to support a growing user community with visibility of customer registrations and automated traces of problem calls
Encourage Self-Serve – Uboss is a virtual shop window allowing your customers to make changes and consume new services and use them immediately 24/7
Speed To Market – Tap new product releases and make them available to your customers immediately. We run the deepest implementation of BroadSoft in the UK and our 85 strong R&D developer team are continually enhancing your customer offering