Customer Applications

Meetings and Collaboration

The world has changed to make collaboration and flexible working tools a high priority in the business communications decision making process. Read more

Uboss Customer Portal

Telecoms is becoming increasingly complex for customers with the move to UC, cloud and mobility. For the channel it is becoming harder to clearly articulate a winning message to prospective customers. VanillaIP Uboss demystifies detailed UC solutions and helps your prospect truly understand your value proposition. With Uboss you can combine our services with your own, or even another supplie... Read more

Broadsoft Hosted PBX

VanillaIP Hosted UC is built on BroadSoft bringing together the “best of both worlds”; the reliability, functionality, rich application sets of Cloud UC with the flexibility and automation of Uboss. Our cloud-based solution lets you scale gracefully from one to hundreds to thousands of users. With the ability to build your own ... Read more

Desktop & Mobile Apps

Apps govern access to and use of the full capabilities of the VanillaIP platform. We have a range of applications and integrations to maximize the user experience and increase stickiness to the reseller. Many of the apps offer an additional branding opportunity, displaying the Reseller logo on the customer desktop. Read more

Call Centre

VanillaIP call centre uses the BroadSoft Agent Standard and Premium service with enhanced real-time and historical reporting within Uboss. This allows customers to optimise inbound call handling efficiency and improve customer service. With Agent, Supervisor and Wallboard clients, advanced routing and reporting capabilities and the ability to support distributed call centre across multiple s... Read more

Call Recording

All users can have the optional call recording service, which can be configured in a number of ways, and where recordings are available in the Uboss platform 15 minutes after the call has been made. There are cascading security levels that can be assigned governing who can play back the recordings. For example, customer service staff cannot play back their supervisor’s recordings unless they ha... Read more

Conference & Collaboration

VanillaIP offer a range of apps for customers to embrace a full UC feature-set. For Resellers this provides the opportunity to scale to a highly complex solution with better stickiness and higher value. Our Unity apps for PC, Mac and Mobile provides click to dial and call control to make all common telephone actions, such as calling, setting up a conference, activating settings such as Mobile T... Read more

Mobile SIM and Hosted PBX

VanillaIP Mobile is the solution for today’s mobile based users and organisations that need to encourage team working and greater productivity from geographically diverse and mobile teams. Including both a Hosted PBX seat and a GSM mobile SIM from Vodafone or O2, VanillaIP Mobile provides a fully meshed fixed and mobile experience. Featuring One Number, One Voicemail, presence, chat and live... Read more

Connectivity – FTTC 80/20 and ADSL2+circuits

VanillaIP are excited to announce that from within Uboss you can now order FTTC 80/20 and ADSL2+ circuits. This has many immediate benefits for resellers and now unifies all elements of the solution stack within Uboss, namely Hosted PBX, GSM Mobile and Connectivity. This new availability builds on our ethos of making new services available and making it easy to deploy and getting it right... Read more
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