Broadsoft Hosted PBX
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VanillaIP Hosted UC is built on BroadSoft bringing together the “best of both worlds”; the reliability, functionality, rich application sets of Cloud UC with the flexibility and automation of Uboss. Our cloud-based solution lets you scale gracefully from one to hundreds to thousands of users. With the ability to build your own service bundles your VanillaIP based offering can be feature-mapped to the requirement of any customer.

Feature Overview +-

We have the most feature enabled implementation of BroadSoft available in the UK. In addition, we can offer custom apps and call centre reporting through Uboss. All of these can be blended into unique Distributor and reseller bundles to provide our partners the most complete end user solution on the market.
Key features include, BroadSoft Premium Call Centre, Sim Ring, BroadWorks Anywhere, Shared Call Appearance user services as well as group services such as auto attendant, announcements and hunt groups.

Included Features:
• One Number
• Hosted Call Recording
• Home Worker Support
• International and UK Geographic DDI
• Keep your existing UK numbers
• Hunt Group, Auto Attendant and Call Routing
• Reception Console
• Instant Messaging & Presence
• Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC)
• Unified Messaging
• Meet Me Conference Bridge
• Hot Desking
• BroadWorks Anywhere [Mobile Twinning]
• Shared Call Appearance – Multi IP phones
• Toll Fraud Protection

Partner Bundling Options +-

The ability to bundle services is crucial for resellers in two ways. Firstly, it allows differentiation and the ability to offer a different option to the customer. This also allows options scaling from a basic Hosted PBX seat up to a more sophisticated UC seat with apps and collaboration. In this way VanillaIP Channel Partners can address the whole market spectrum. Perhaps most importantly, bundling services together in different offerings makes it easy for the customer to understand the solution and relate it to their requirement.  A big challenge for us all in the industry is that as the solutions become more sophisticated, we need to ensure that we still have clarity for the customer. If the customer cannot understand the solution they will not purchase it. VanillaIP bundling provides this customer clarity.


SIP Trunking +-

VanillaIP SIP Trunking is a critical element in unifying all elements of the customer’s telecoms infrastructure. Partners can overlay next generation Intelligent Network services from the VanillaIP Cloud onto customer’s premises based systems. SIP trunking endpoints can co-exist with VanillaIP Hosted PBX users with a common dialling plan. This provides a homogenous communications strategy across all the customers’ platforms and sites and retains existing investment.

Disaster Recovery +-

Disaster Recovery is a preset routing table for all users, sites and services such as call queues or hunt groups. Any customer asset in cascading hierarchy can be automatically forwarded to a pre-set DR number. When DR is activated in Uboss, at whichever level, all users and services underneath will call forward. For example, if the Manchester site has DR activated, all site services and users in Manchester will call forward to the Manchester site DR, with the exception of site services and users in Manchester that have specified different DR destination numbers

Yealink and Polycom IP Handsets +-

We support the market leading IP terminals from Yealink and Polycom to address the spectrum of user requirements. All can be auto-configured through Uboss for plug and play deployment and Uboss Packet Analyzer monitors all handsets for registrations and call quality. The handsets also all include HD Voice and switch port. Options include wi-fi and Bluetooth compatibility, configurable soft keys, BLF for Manager/Secretary working, colour screen, video and 10/100/1000 Gig port. Many of the phones support customisation where Uboss can change buttons and features

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