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VanillaIP call centre uses the BroadSoft Agent Standard and Premium service with enhanced real-time and historical reporting within Uboss. This allows customers to optimise inbound call handling efficiency and improve customer service.

With Agent, Supervisor and Wallboard clients, advanced routing and reporting capabilities and the ability to support distributed call centre across multiple sites and home worker locations, VanillaIP Hosted Call Centre provides unlimited flexibility.

Standard and Premium options means the call centre services can scale from small, informal and unmanaged customer facing teams to large multi-site business with hundreds of Agents. One thing all these businesses have in common is a need to understand the dynamics of their customer calling patterns, ensure they are providing the best possible service and identify resource or training shortcomings. VanillaIP Call Centre Solutions are a crucial element in making sense of this.

All reporting and call recordings are stored within Uboss meaning the customer only has one portal to access all information on calling patterns, and to make changes to existing queues.  With queuing in the cloud, Skills Based and Priority Based routing, VanillaIP Cloud Call Centre is an essential tool in improving call handling and first call resolution for your customers.

Call Centre Apps +-

VanillaIP Unity Agent and Supervisor provide all the features of the call centre on the user desktop. Unity Agent empowers Agents by simplifying call handling, escalating to Supervisors and managing Wrap-Up, Not Ready and Available states. In addition, Unity Agent allows Supervisors to Instant Message groups of users and allows Agents to select which groups they are logged into at any one time. The Personal Wallboard in Agent will display individual and summary stats for the queues/groups the Agent is a member of

Unity Supervisor is a powerful real-time management interface that gives Supervisors and line managers relevant real time and historical performance information on Agents and Queues, presented in a simple line and bar chart format. Supervisors can configure thresholds against Agent and Queue metrics and be alerted when these thresholds are breached

supervisor-main-ssUnity Dashboard is a wall mounted application that displays Queue and Agent real-time stats giving all users an indication of current calling patterns. Featuring threshold alerts and customisable statistics, Dashboard is highly configurable to suit individual customer requirements.


Uboss Call Centre Reports +-

Uboss features reports for customers to visualize and truly understand their calling patterns and customer service levels. A range of historical and real-time reports are available. A significant enhancement is the ability to drill into reports. For example, when looking at an Agent Summary report and seeing Agent 1 has taken 15 calls, you are able to click in to see the particulars for each of the 15 calls. This includes incoming callerID and date and time stamp, wait time and call duration for complete cradle-to-grave call tracking. Advanced BroadSoft ACD features such as Unavailable Codes, Disposition Codes and Dialled Number Identification Service are all enabled on our platform and can be reported within Uboss.

Call Centre reports Available

  • Agent Summary
  • Agent Activity Detail
  • Auto Attendant Activity
  • Call Centre Summary
  • Call Detail
  • Disposition Code Call
  • DNIS Detail Report
  • Heat Map



Uboss Heat Map +-

Uboss heat Map is a graphical representation of all calls in and out of the customer business. This will display a colour coded map showing the number of calls coming in on an hourly basis for the month. This is highly configurable and can show inbound/outbound traffic or both directions and allows the customer to choose which assets are included in the map. For instance, which call centers, which hunt groups and which Agents.


Skills or Priority Based Routing +-

Calls can be distributed to Agents using Longest Idle, Priority based or Skills Based Routing. This allows resellers to cater for any customer requirement.

  • Priority based – Priority based routing will prioritise certain queues, such as the Sales, VIP or Payments queues.
  • Longest Idle – Longest Idle routing will look at all the queues and operate a first in, first out queuing funnel.
  • Skills Based Routing – SBR allows the call to be routed to the Agent with the highest skill for that queue. This is an ideal solution where Agents are sitting across multiple queues and allows the platform to make informed routing decisions to maximize customer services. For example, if a Sales and Support queue are staffed by the same Agents, we can assign different skill levels for Sales and Support for each Agent to ensure that a Sales call never goes to an agent with a higher skill level for Support unless all the Sales rated agents are busy or unavailable. Up to 19 skill levels can be assigned in Uboss

Clearly this is a major enhancement in maximising customer service but has the downstream effect of improving response times and rework by ensuring the most able and efficient Agents are utilised. This “situational awareness” clearly aligns supply and demand resource in the call centre and is a significant enhancement on most cloud call centres that only offer unsophisticated first in/first out routing

Entrance, Comfort, Escape, Position in Queue and Estimated Wait Announcements +-

A range of messages can be played to the customer, including their place in the queue and estimated wait time based on current queue conditions. We can also play an Entrance Message to advise callers that their call may be recorded or that they can find information online. We can separately report on calls that have abandoned during this entrance message. The option to give callers an escape from the queue to leave a message is also available

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