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All users can have the optional call recording service, which can be configured in a number of ways, and where recordings are available in the Uboss platform 15 minutes after the call has been made. There are cascading security levels that can be assigned governing who can play back the recordings. For example, customer service staff cannot play back their supervisor’s recordings unless they have the correct security permissions assigned.

Mid Call Pause and Resume +-

For customers taking payment card details over the phone and others that have a regulatory or other reason to pause recording, we have developed mid call pause. This will allow a user to avoid capturing card details and other sensitive information. This option is available if the call recording service is set to “Always with pause/resume” or “On demand with user initiated start”. In both cases the user can use the call recording button in Unity or the feature keys on Polycom IP phones to pause and resume.

Call Recording Options +-

Call Recording can be configured to work in the following ways. Agents can optionally be given this ability to change the recording behaviour in Unity, otherwise this can be configured in Uboss


• Always – Calls are automatically recorded from the beginning of the call. There is no option to pause or stop recording.

• On Demand – Calls are not automatically recorded from the start, but recording can be started at any time during the call in which case the entire call will be recorded. Stop and pause are not available with this option

• Never – Calls are never recorded and recording cannot be started while a call is in progress.

• Always with Pause/ Resume – All calls are automatically recorded from the beginning of the call, but recording can be paused and resumed, which is especially important when taking credit card details over the phone [that need to be omitted]. This will still result in a single recording for the call, regardless of how many times it was paused and resumed.

• On Demand with User Initiated Start – Calls are not automatically recorded from the start, but recording can be started at any time. However, any conversation before the recording was started will not be included in the recording. Recording can be paused and resumed, which will result in different recordings being created for a single call.

Combined Call Logger and Call Recordings +-

To extend the logic of having everything in one place and making navigation intuitive for the user, call recordings and call logs are combined in Uboss. The user can filter the date/time, direction, number, user/agent and other factors to display call records. Any call that was recorded can be streamed or downloaded locally. When displaying the call log, Uboss will ensure that any calls that have a call recording security level that is higher than that for the logged in user are displayed in the call log, but the buttons to play or save the file are disabled.


Access Security Permissions +-

Uboss offers advanced security with 4 permission levels that control access to call recordings. Each call recording is given a security level which can be low, medium, high or very high. The security level assigned to the recorded call is based on what is set for the corresponding user, which may be assigned directly or cascaded down from the business level.
Each Uboss portal user also has a call recording security permissions level. This governs who has access to whose recordings because the Uboss user can only listen to recordings at the same or lower level. For example, a call centre Agent with Low security cannot playback the Supervisors call recordings that are recorded at Medium security

Storage and Export Options +-

All call recordings are stored on the Uboss portal for three months. After that customers can specify an extended period at the group and user level. Call recordings kept beyond three months will incur a storage charge. This provides the flexibility for customers to store the calls as long as necessary.
Customers can also export call recordings out of Uboss. You can specify the file name format for the recorded calls, for example to include the date/time, inbound number and extension, to simplify search for exported recordings

PCI Compliance +-

VanillaIP Call recording is PCI compliant when used in conjunction with VanillaIP connectivity, which meets the requirement to keep all traffic “on net”. Our call recording service allows the person taking the call to pause and resume the call recording. This innovation was designed specifically to allow customer card details to be omitted from the recording to help customers meet their PCI obligations.

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