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Agile CRM Data Sheet
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Apps govern access to and use of the full capabilities of the VanillaIP platform. We have a range of applications and integrations to maximize the user experience and increase stickiness to the reseller. Many of the apps offer an additional branding opportunity, displaying the Reseller logo on the customer desktop.

Unity Desktop UC +-

Unity Desktop is a UC tool for Windows and Mac that exposes all the BroadSoft features to the user. With a busy lamp field, call control buttons and service configuration Unity lets users control their extension status and service configuration from within the familiar Windows environment.
Key features
• Busy Lamp Field – see the available/engaged status of your colleagues
• Instant Messaging – Chat with colleagues
• Call Control – Answer/Release, Hold/Resume, Transfer and Conference buttons
• Service Configuration – Control services such as Sim Ring and BroadWorks Anywhere
• Directory Integration – Combine group, Outlook and personal directories with dynamic search
• Visual Voicemail – Play, Save and Delete voicemail messages



Unity Reception +-

Designed for busy call handling stations, the Unity Reception Console for PC allows point-and-click call control to quickly process calls. The engaged/available status of internal users is displayed, along with their Outlook Calendar schedule for the day. Reception is extremely intuitive, allowing point-and-shoot call control for novices and professional operators alike. Deployment of Reception provides the operator with the correct information to prioritise call handling and give the appropriate response to the caller.


UC One +-

UC-One is a presence and messaging application for PC, Mac and Mobile. In addition to showing the presence availability of other users, wherever they are, UC-One includes a SIP client for the making and receiving of calls on the computer. Available in different versions

Skype for Business Integration +-

Our Skype for Business UC-One plugin allows users of Microsoft SfB to use the Skype application for messaging and collaboration and voice-enables it for calling over the VanillaIP network. This means they only need to run the SfB client for a seamless experience. For resellers this taps a massive opportunity and the ability to work in partnership with Microsoft based environments

Unity Mobile +-

For users that require all the features of the telephone system available on their iPhone or Android phone, Unity Mobile provides an immersive and intuitive user experience. All calls made and received are tunnelled through the VanillaIP platform, so call logs and recordings are all captured for calls from the mobile device. In addition, the busy lamp field gives the engaged/available status of monitored colleagues also provides instant messaging


Unity Integration with and Agile CRM +-

Collate all of your contacts seamlessly with Unity’s new integration with and Agile CRM. Facilitate contact lookup, automatically pop the CRM contact page and add call log entries and notes to contacts which are then saved in your CRM system.

Transform the way you connect by integrating your CRM platform with Unity, simply configure your CRM settings as soon as a CRM integration license has been assigned.

  • Contact Search – When you perform a contact search, not only will Unity check all directories such as the group/enterprise phone list, personal directory and Outlook etc, but it will also dynamically search your CRM contacts.
  • Automatic Contact Pop – Right-click a call to pop the record in your CRM platform using the default browser. Unity can also be configured to automatically pop the CRM contact when the call is answered.
  • Salesforce Call Log Automation– Automatically add a call log entry for any calls within Unity. Users can then add further notes, manually which will then be stored in your CRM platform.
  • Browser Click-to-Dial – Click to dial from within the CRM or click any number in any webpage to make a call. Supported browsers are Google Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge
  • Call Centre Integration – Call Centre Supervisors can see Salesforce Contacts and leads in the queue and can move them to the top or send them to a VIP queue
  • Call Log Integration – In your Unity call logs, see missed or placed calls flagged with Salesforce Contact or lead status
  • 14 Day Trial – CRM Connector is an add on to any Unity license. Go to Settings > CRM to start your trial now

Unity CRM Connector is an add-on to Unity Desktop, Agent, Supervisor and Reception

Akixi +-

The Akixi range of products can be found on our Call Centre page.

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