Meetings and Collaboration
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The world has changed to make collaboration and flexible working tools a high priority in the business communications decision making process.

Webex +-

Webex Spaces (Softphone with full collaboration and meetings)

  • With all the features of the first two apps this option adds a personal meeting room (capacity 25 people)
  • It means you can schedule meetings with people inside and outside your business and control access to the meeting room
  • This is a highly productive tool suitable for a number of different user groups who spend some of all of their work time at a desk.

Webex 25  (Soft Phone with full collaboration and meetings, up to 25 participants)

  • This has all of the features of the soft phone but also gives users messages and team spaces.
  • In spaces teams can share comments, links, pictures and create multiple conversation threads
  • The organization may have a number of spaces representing people or groups that work together
  • Space users find that productivity increases because conversations can continue over time with information sharing made simple
  • Again this service is PC and/or mobile based
  • Users can hold small (3 people) spaces meetings, a voice, video and collaboration meeting with screen share etc. This can be internal colleagues or external people who have a Webex Teams application.

Webex 1000 (Softphone, collaboration and meetings up to 1000 participants) 

  • This top tier product introduces big meeting capabilities and virtual presentations with 1000 attendees
  • Control if attendees can see and chat to other attendees,
  • Control the attendee’s options to speak, mute and share etc
  • It is all the business tools in one from simple call control to 1000 seat webinars

Webex Sofphone  (Softphone messaging and 3rd party collaboration) – Coming soon

  • This is a simple soft phone client to manage inbound and outbound calls through our Broadsoft telephony platform
  • The app can be deployed on PC and Mobile so users have the choice of device
  • MS Teams Users can install a free ‘Webex Calling’ app within teams which means they can dial numbers in that app, which then pops up the softphone for in-call management
  • The app also provides a simple control panel for system controls like call forward, voicemail etc.

MS Teams Integration - Call2Teams +-

  • Add full telephony to you PC and Mobile MS Teams applications
  • Available services
    • Non-Teams call recording
    • Call Centre Services
    • Help desk and sales desk services
    • Realtime control portal
  • Works alongside out entire portfolio

Voice Conference Bridge - Rental Free +-

  • If video and screen share is not needed
  • If your guests are calling from low tech situations, including standard mobile and home phones
  • This option is a highly practical conference bridge with full reporting and recording options
  • Share a call with 2 or 200+ people with a simple dial in (standard rate, free, international or toll numbers optional)
  • Before we all found meeting and collaboration tools like MS Teams and Webex Teams this service was all the rage
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