Mobile SIM and Hosted PBX
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VanillaIP Mobile is the solution for today’s mobile-based users and organisations that need to encourage team working and greater productivity from geographically diverse and mobile teams.

With this dedicated system sim card, which can be used in both smartphones and simple mobile handsets, it is your system extension made mobile. Giving your mobile phone the same capabilities as your desk phone. When calling out from the native dialler you present your business DDI and callers simply ring your DDI (or extension number for internal calls) to reach you. Like any other Sim Card, however, it means you can use any voice dialling application in your car to ensure the safest and most productive use.

As this is all working through your core telephony solution, calls can be recorded, call logs are captured and users can be full members of hunt groups and call queues. This truly is your extension in your pocket.

Key Features +-

Long gone are the days when your desk phone was the only place to take work calls. The new hunger for the workplace to be ‘mobile first’ and offer flexibility means that this is the perfect time to add a multi-net mobile SIM extension to your business’ communications.

Utilising a multi-net GSM connection, our HPBX SIM offers those mobile field workers, home workers and any sales team or staff who take regular transit by car or train, a very reliable and stable voice connection without the challenges of broadband or Wi-Fi infrastructure.

The sim card can be used in either a smartphone or a low-cost mobile voice handset and utilises the mobile native dialler and IOS or android voice assistant.

sim card with telephone


  • Present your DDI number and record calls, whilst dialling from the mobile’s native dialler
  • Single or dual SIM smartphone or low-cost voice and text handset, both have full functionality
  • Calls to and from the office are simply extension to extension dialling and therefore free, the normal extension user minute bundles are available for external calls


The service also offers a major benefit to your business in that you “own” the phone number. The CLI presented to the called party is flexible but, more importantly, there is no chance of “accidentally” displaying a personal mobile number, as sometimes happens when users have an over-the-top app.

The SIM sits as a device against the user and a credit lock applies to all calls from the device for complete toll fraud protection. Typically, all call data type is received within 1 hour; on exceeding the set daily spend limit the relevant user service is automatically barred so it gives your business a high degree of protection. The same is true for mobile data usage.

User types +-

It’s hard to think of a business that would not have some of its team members requiring the service. Some more specific user types include

• Healthcare workers and home visitors may need a simple phone with low-cost rates to contact their superiors and check-in. Utilising their own mobile with the HPBX SIM means less hardware for the company to buy.

• Call Centre Agents can easily be part of the contact team with just a mobile device including presenting the correct CLI is making outbound calls.

• Travelling sales and management teams who need access to their team telephony means they are never far from the office phone system and always reachable.

• Those who work in the financial sector who need all their calls recorded for compliance.

• The use of the native dialler enables hands-free Car Phone services to be available to any transport worker; speech to text services like Siri can be used to answer calls, so the user can operate legally and safely!

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