Mobile SIM and Hosted PBX
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VanillaIP Mobile is the solution for today’s mobile based users and organisations that need to encourage team working and greater productivity from geographically diverse and mobile teams.

Including both a Hosted PBX seat and a GSM mobile SIM from Vodafone or O2, VanillaIP Mobile provides a fully meshed fixed and mobile experience. Featuring One Number, One Voicemail, presence, chat and live call push/pull, VanillaIP mobile extends the full capabilities of the hosted phone system to mobile workers.

The underlying GSM number is totally masked for the making and receiving of calls with the added advantage that all calls from the mobile are recorded and logged under the User profile in the Uboss portal. For customers, this provides a seamless mobility solution with unified directories, collaboration with office or mobile colleagues and a unified user experience.

For customers that already have mobile plans in place, the Smart Mobility Lite bundle allows then to integrate these existing services and still enjoy all the benefits of our blended fixed and mobile solution.

Packages +-

Smart Mobility Lite Smart Mobility Lite + Mobile 500 SIM Smart Mobility Pro + Mobile Flex SIM
BroadSoft Hosted PBX Smart User
Vodafone or 02 SIM BYO
One Number
Presence for Office and Mobile
Unified Corporate Directory
Chat on all Devices
Live Call Push/ Pull
Optional Call Recording for all Devices
Roam Like Home
Hosted IP Minutes 200 200 2,000
Mobile Minutes 500 Unlimited
UK Mobile Data 500MB Add – On Options

Key Features +-

  • One Number – All calls are placed through the VanillaIP platform. For mobile users calls are placed using
    the underlying GSM but are seamlessly tunnelled through the hosted PBX system, presenting the users
    office DDI as the CLI
  • Unity Mobile App – Unity Mobile for iOS and Android extends all the call control features of the system to
    the mobile user, so they can transfer, conference other users or start call recording, if assigned. UC One SIP
    mobile app also available
  • Chat & Presence – All users in the office or on mobile will see their colleague’s presence availability, regardless of where they are or which device they are on. From now on Available really does mean available
  • Unified Directories – Users no longer need to double up with separate saved number silos. They now have a Personal and Group directory that can be accessed from any of the users devices, mobiles or fixed.
  • Unified Voicemail – All users have a single mailbox that will send the recorded message as an email avoiding having voice messages dropping into separate systems
  • Roam Like Home – Roam with your UK bundle to Europe free of charge, and roam 60+ non EU Countries for a single fixed daily fee.
  • Alerts & Notifications – Uboss can trigger alerts for a range of pre-defined behaviours for both Hosted PBX and Mobile, such as getting close to data limits on mobile extension or close to maximum spend on wired extension
  • Call Push/Pull – Users can move live calls between devices without the caller noticing for total flexibility and mobility
  • Multi Phone – Each user can connect up to 6 fixed IP phones, all with the same extension. This caters for users who need a phone in the office, at home or a softphone on their laptop
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