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Telecoms is becoming increasingly complex for customers with the move to UC, cloud and mobility. For the channel it is becoming harder to clearly articulate a winning message to prospective customers. VanillaIP Uboss demystifies detailed UC solutions and helps your prospect truly understand your value proposition.

With Uboss you can combine our services with your own, or even another supplier, to put together the right mix for that particular customer. With the ability to customise bundles and services you can give the customer exactly what they want without being constricted by whatever bundles your supplier offers you. Use Uboss for services and apps for your customers including Hosted PBX and advanced cloud solutions, call centre, IM&P and CRM integration

Self Service +-

Our Uboss platform provides a central web based interface for management of all sites, services, users and their devices. All changes and additions can be made in real-time and consumed immediately 24/7. Uboss self-serve provides customer admins the same set of features as your own service desk. Users can access call recordings and call logs virtually as soon as the call is completed. Detailed billing and usage analysis reports are also available that allow customers to drill into their spend pattern and reduce bill queries back to your accounts team.  For Resellers, reports such as a new services added in the last 30 days,can quickly highlight any keying errors. With a cascading hierarchy of Roles and Permissions, Uboss ensures reporting is only available to appropriate staff.

Reporting +-

Extensive customer side and reseller side reporting has been designed to quickly orientate customer admins and reseller ops staff with a concise picture of what is happening at any moment. For Resellers this includes MIS, churn and service deployment ratios and packet analyzer analysis of registrations and traffic on the system.
For customers Uboss offers a range or historical and real-time reports where you can click into the report to drill further. This allows customers to analyze cradle to grave reporting for an incoming call, showing wait time, which agent answered the call and where it was transferred to. The Auto Attendant report shows which options callers are selecting when they call in.


Widgets +-

Uboss widgets are configurable summary views of what’s happening on the platform at both reseller and customer levels.  Showcasing revenue/spend, call volumes and users they provide an intuitive management headline of the activity for the month to date.


Invoice Repository +-

Uboss stores all customer invoices and detailed report breakdowns online. All services are billed down to the user level so the customer gets an invoice that is presented in the way they see their business. For deeper interrogation there are a range of reports which detail services that have been consumed as well as typical call logger reports on the most expensive and longest calls and call by destination.


Announcement Repository +-

Uboss announcement repository is an archive for storing all media messages that can be played to customers.  This includes auto attendant greetings, call centre entrance and comfort messages as well as music on hold. These messages play an important role in providing a welcoming and professional first impression to inbound customer callers but often they can be temporarily outdated. In this scenario Uboss allows an administrator to immediately access the Announcement repository and select a preloaded message that will be then loaded to the live platform.


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