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unity web chat and a webex call with a man
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Author: Iain Sinnott – Sales & Marketing Director – VanillaIP.


As a director of a cloud communications technology business, I see it as vital to remain close enough to the end customer experience to understand both the benefits and real-life challenges of using the technology we provide. To that end I often sign in as a customer service agent for our small directly managed base, mainly made up of accounts acquired when long term partners retired from the industry.

I had my Unity Agent/Supervisor App open so I could see and manage voice, chat and Twitter communications and pounced on a Web Chat when it landed. The client had a query about managing members of a hunt group, and although she was a user logged into Uboss, she needed a reminder on the navigation to the correct area.

That’s where the addition of Webex to our portfolio showed itself as a benefit, not just for scheduled meetings or team collaboration, but as part of the customer support workflow tool kit. I dropped my Private Meeting Room (PMR) link into the chat and in just one minute, we were live on a video call. The customer shared her screen, I coached her on a couple of Uboss elements and the result was achieved.

Notably, the call could end with a friendly smile and a wave.

man on a webex meeting with the Unity Web Chat box next to it


I found this genuinely exciting. ‘Technology working’ is often questioned because it reduces the human contact and bonding within teams, which to a degree it can, but with almost every one of your clients being video meeting capable, there is a massive opportunity to vastly increase the ‘human’ contact. Ok, it’s just a smile and a wave but that will translate through to falling trends in customer churn and rising trends in referrals and customer satisfaction scores.

Whether it’s in with Webex or with Teams, using our Kakapo or Akixi Omni-channel tools, could these services revolutionise your own customer support processes as well as being a focus for your sales teams.

Products mentioned in this article:

Kakapo – Unity Omni-channel contact centre – Chat, Twitter, Email, SMS, Callback

Akixi – Omni-channel reporting on LifeChat services

Webex – Directly integrated to a full Broadworks service

Teams – Directly integrated with Webex soft Phone or Direct routing from native window


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