Reflecting on Boris’ Roadmap
boris road map
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The Boris plan presents you with a vital choice.


Boris Johnson has laid out the plan to unlock from a fifteen-month Covid challenge, but is it your path back to normal, or forward to normal?

Back to normal has a comfortable and familiar appeal, but has the party moved on? Are you facing a BlackBerry or Nokia moment if you don’t pivot and establish a new position for your business as a knowledge leader in a suddenly converged space that combines voice, meetings, collaboration, CX and mobility.

The changes we have seen in the communications technology portfolio are not surprising, they have existed on the horizon of mainstream for some time but because of their disruptive nature, many influential service providers and resellers have not championed the transition, leaving market penetration of True Cloud Communications only 4 or 5 percentage points clear of the chasm which indicates mass-market adoption has begun. A shame really as the UK could have been better placed in March 2020 to absorb some of the impact of the first lockdown, but thanks to OTT applications like Zoom businesses found fast workarounds as the PBX world rushed to fashion home working out of a heavily traditional deployment, running out of power supply plugs for phones on the way.

technology adoption model

Some players had moved to a flexible cloud model and, through the automated deployment of softphone, virtual meeting and mobile applications made the journey to WFH much simpler for their customers. They too must now think about the portfolio and service they supply to a much-changed customer base, who no longer need convincing about cloud comms options, but whose priorities have changed, and suppliers from previously parallel product lines are now firmly installed as competitors.

So before Q2 begins what are some of the big questions the reseller community should be discussing within their organisation:

  • Do we have the portfolio, knowledge and skills to advise customers in this new market?
  • Can we offer the commercial model, term and flexibility, that an on-demand app culture promotes and business uncertainty demands?
  • Do we have the automation, back-office and billing functionality for both the portfolio and the consumption model?
  • Which partners have our long term interest at heart and which may have a more direct customer ownership ambition?

Spring will be exciting but there are hard choices to be made and work to be done to emerge as strong players in the post-telecoms world.

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