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Frontline Customer Contact Tools

Author: Iain Sinnott – Sales & Marketing Director – VanillaIP.   As a director of a cloud communications technology business, I see it as vital to remain close enough to the end customer experience to understand both the benefits and real-life challenges of using the technology we provide. To that end I often sign in … Continue reading “Frontline Customer Contact Tools”

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Introducing Promusic from PromptVoice

The ultimate telephony first-impression starts here   Do your customers want to make a lasting first impression when customers call their business? A great customer experience doesn’t just begin when they speak to your someone – it starts with the tone of voice and content of IVRs and in-queue messages. We’re really pleased to announce … Continue reading “Introducing Promusic from PromptVoice”

The Other Side of the Glass

Why understanding your home workers space helps you to leverage their ‘homeworker’ potential. Since Lockdown, we have all become familiar with the multi-square view of a virtual meeting. Seeing our colleagues from their chosen angle and collaborating virtually to develop ideas. Sometimes we get to see into their houses and get a snapshot of their … Continue reading “The Other Side of the Glass”

Introducing Akixi 3000

Since partnering with Akixi in 2019, we’ve seen many successes with their award-winning call and contact analytics. The introduction of Akixi 3000 brings omnichannel reporting to the portfolio. The contact centre market is evolving rapidly post-lockdown and managing remote teams while keeping customers happy is key. Akixi 3000 offers flexible reporting and accurate analytics for … Continue reading “Introducing Akixi 3000”

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Reflecting on Boris’ Roadmap

The Boris plan presents you with a vital choice.   Boris Johnson has laid out the plan to unlock from a fifteen-month Covid challenge, but is it your path back to normal, or forward to normal? Back to normal has a comfortable and familiar appeal, but has the party moved on? Are you facing a … Continue reading “Reflecting on Boris’ Roadmap”

UK Distributor Reseller Model

Blended applications give UK resellers the edge over cloud giants   Whilst Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex and Zoom have eclipsed the traditional big names in telephony, UK business still needs a blend of applications to optimise business, team, and individual productivity in the new working landscape:  Workplace flexibility – Customer experience – Mobility – Meeting/collaboration … Continue reading “UK Distributor Reseller Model”

VanillaIP Webex Launch Webinar

VanillaIP has launched the all-new Webex, from softphone to a 1000 seat collaborative meeting. Integrated seamlessly via Uboss into the Broadsoft core solution delivering instant enablement, alongside the extensive portfolio of CX, mobility and reporting tools already available. Webex gives you: Up 1000 meeting participants PC, Mobile and Tablet devices in license Collaboration capabilities akin … Continue reading “VanillaIP Webex Launch Webinar”

Introducing Cisco Webex

The world has changed to make collaboration and flexible working tools a high priority in the business communications decision-making process.  Here at VanillaIP, we are proud to announce the launch of Cisco Webex. Webex Spaces (Softphone with full collaboration and meetings) With all the features of the first two apps, this option adds a personal meeting … Continue reading “Introducing Cisco Webex”

Introducing our brand new HPBX Sim

In this age of ‘mobile-first’ communications and with a new hunger for workplace flexibility, what better time could there be to add a multi-net mobile SIM extension to your cloud PBX device options. This is not a simple ‘mobile’ service; it is a fully-featured extension service but on a multi-net GSM connection offering field workers, … Continue reading “Introducing our brand new HPBX Sim”

VanillaIP add Akixi to the Mix

As CX (customer experience) becomes the hottest topic in the world of business communications, to the small and medium UK business market, VanillaIP say they are delighted to be adding Akixi to the partner portfolio. Commenting on the launch this week of the Akixi products, VanillaIP Sales & Marketing Director, Iain Sinnott, said, ”I have known … Continue reading “VanillaIP add Akixi to the Mix”

GDPR and MifID II Guide

Compliance is always a difficult subject as there are certain elements which are always down to the interpretation of the rules and the ‘appropriate’ steps companies of different size are required to take. GPDR and MiFID2 falls into this category so we have published this guide to help resellers and their customers design the most … Continue reading “GDPR and MifID II Guide”

Order FTTC 80/20 & ADSL2+ Circuits from within Uboss

VanillaIP are excited to announce that from within Uboss you can now order FTTC 80/20 and ADSL2+ circuits. This has many immediate benefits for resellers and now unifies all elements of the solution stack within Uboss, namely Hosted PBX, GSM Mobile, and Connectivity. This new availability builds on our ethos of making new services available … Continue reading “Order FTTC 80/20 & ADSL2+ Circuits from within Uboss”

Free BroadSoft User Licences for 6 Months

In a first for the UK Channel, VanillaIP is delighted to announce ‘Go Free’ our new incentive scheme to share exploding demand in Hosted PBX. Free Licences for Over Target Reseller Partners The incentive scheme is being run over 6 months and there are no ceiling limits to the number of free Smart User seats … Continue reading “Free BroadSoft User Licences for 6 Months”

Htek Cloud Phone Series

In a significant development in the fast-moving Hosted PBX market, We have announced total integration between the Uboss management platform and Htek SIP handsets. For the first time the handset firmware, services, and button features are all driven from Uboss for the tightest possible feature integration. The Htek UC range of sophisticated IP terminals along … Continue reading “Htek Cloud Phone Series”

Combined Hosted PBX and Mobile SIM User Bundles

In a first for the UK VanillaIP have now launched user packages that include both a BroadSoft Hosted PBX seat and a Mobile SIM from either Vodafone or O2. This provides a fully meshed fixed and mobile experience with one number, one voicemail, presence, chat and live call push/pull. The underlying GSM number is totally … Continue reading “Combined Hosted PBX and Mobile SIM User Bundles”

Flexible Seating

Flexible Seating allows users to log into any Host phone, which then immediately downloads and applies the configuration file of the hot desking user, without requiring a restart. This has major advantages both in functionality and simplifying the licenses required for a hot desking environment. To summarise these:- Licenses Required – Flexible Seating is a … Continue reading “Flexible Seating”

Activity Logs

We have been adding Activity Logs to provide an audit trail of changes within Uboss. The latest service to have Activity Logs added is Call recording and this will display changes to the service and who made them. Clicking in from the summary list shows the specific changes.

User Device Management

To build on our concept of unifying all services at a user level we have introduced an updated Devices tab. This will now list all of the user’s devices and allow them to be configured, such as changing the button functions, codec, display etc and the updated config file generated – all within the same … Continue reading “User Device Management”

Enhanced Business Wizards

Uboss wizards provide a workflow to automate and simplify many of the steps required to create new businesses and users. We have expanded the Wizards to now include additional group services that new users can automatically be added to. These include Meet Me Conference Bridge – An option “Default Conference Bridge” is created as part of … Continue reading “Enhanced Business Wizards”

Scheduled Reports

Uboss offers a comprehensive range of call centre reports that provide all queue and agent metrics in an intuitive interface that lets the user drill into the data, right down to individual legs of individual calls. This reporting has now been enhanced with Scheduled Reports. The following reports can be scheduled, User & Phone Number … Continue reading “Scheduled Reports”

Alerts and Notifications

The Alerts & Notifications module allows alerts to be set against a number of different parameters to ensure timely notification of unusual events or behaviour that is about to trigger an event, such as users getting close to their call spend threshold and in danger of being automatically credit locked Alert Email – A new field … Continue reading “Alerts and Notifications”

Dashboard Widgets

We are pleased to announce the availability of our next generation of context based Dashboard Widgets and Hot buttons for Uboss. This is a configurable home screen within Uboss that can be configured with tiles of information for an individual user. As such, this provides personalised business intelligence based on a user’s roles and requirements. … Continue reading “Dashboard Widgets”

URL Fields in Reports

In all Uboss reports, you are now able to click onto any of the stats within the report to see more in-depth detail.  By giving your clients access to the Uboss portal instead of just sending out a monthly PDF bill, will enable them to understand their bill in full detail. For example; the below … Continue reading “URL Fields in Reports”

Unity Integration with and Agile CRM

Collate all of your contacts seamlessly with Unity’s new integration with and Agile CRM. Facilitate contact lookup, automatically pop the CRM contact page and add call log entries and notes to contacts which are then saved in your CRM system. Transform the way you connect by integrating your CRM platform with Unity, simply configure … Continue reading “Unity Integration with and Agile CRM”

Service Creation and Configuration within Uboss

Two changes have been made regarding service configuration.  These two changes will provide greater flexibility and ease of use when creating and managing packages, services and devices in Uboss. Rolling Contracts Uboss will now allow services to be configured as ‘rolling contract’.  Which means it must be assigned for a predetermined duration and can only … Continue reading “Service Creation and Configuration within Uboss”

Linked Number Function

Ofcom have recently introduced a regulation whereby 03x numbers are automatically reserved for those customers that have the applicable 08x number assigned.  More information is available here Uboss supports this regulation through the use of linked numbers, whereby if an 08x number is assigned to a business then the corresponding 03x number will automatically be … Continue reading “Linked Number Function”

Number Categories in User Packages

In a new enhancement to the Package creation in Uboss, we can now include a number category with a user package. This allows resellers to make bundles that are more logical to users by optionally including a DDI, without having the numbers billed as a separate line item  Number Categories can only be added to … Continue reading “Number Categories in User Packages”

Brand Control = Margin Control

White Label means 100% your own brand, no co-branding where a customer can easily google your competitors that have an identical solution. At VanillaIP we want you to build your own brand equity, not someone else’s. For our webinar on the 10th January to learn how VanillaIP white label solution can build your brand and … Continue reading “Brand Control = Margin Control”

Unity Dashboard

Unity Dashboard is an essential tool for providing real-time visibility of inbound and outbound activity as well as queue conditions across all Call Centres.  Suitable for Call Centres of any size, Unity Dashboard provides the flexibility to display your key call handling metrics. As a completely configurable application, Unity Dashboard can display any number of … Continue reading “Unity Dashboard”

Call Recording Usage Report

Call Recording Storage charges we have released two additional elements to help Partners understand what usage their clients’ are using and where they go to adjust retention periods to reduce storage usage/ charges. The two new elements are call recording usage reporting features that will show the quantity of GBs used for a Partners total customer … Continue reading “Call Recording Usage Report”

Unity Mobile

Unity Mobile for Android, iPhone and Windows extends the full BroadWorks user experience to the mobile device from as little as £1.35 per user per month RRP. With intuitive buttons for hold, transfer and conference, Unity Mobile simplifies call handling and provides a professional calling experience. Using call back and call through with the native … Continue reading “Unity Mobile”

Remote Device Reboot

Remote Device Reboot within the Uboss portal is available at the Business Level and provides the ability to control end user devices without having to ask the customer to restart locally. Configure Multiple Devices – This will list every device at the Reseller or Business level. Select individual devices or a device type from the drop … Continue reading “Remote Device Reboot”

Packet Analyser

Packet Analyser is a  powerful diagnostic and reporting tool to proactively manage Users, devices and call quality on the VanillaIP platform, which in turn enables faster response and fix times on tickets. This is a major customer service enhancement, Uboss PA is a new module being added to what is already a very powerful portal.  All … Continue reading “Packet Analyser”

User Initiated Call Trace

As part of our commitment to ensuring the highest call quality, and our contracted SLA of achieving a MOS score of 3.9 or higher for 90% of calls on the VanillaIP network, we have introduced User Initiated Trace. This is the ability for any user to immediately report a poor quality call which is flagged … Continue reading “User Initiated Call Trace”

Bulk Configuration Changes

Building on our founding principle of automating as many processes as possible and minimising back office tasks, we are pleased to announce two powerful new Uboss tools. Bulk Job and Bulk Service Configuration automate many of the actions involved in adding, updating and removing users from the platform and also configuring services. Both are found … Continue reading “Bulk Configuration Changes”

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