Partner Automation

Partner Levels and Services

Uboss is a cloud management platform that connects platforms, teams and customers. Designed as a central interface for all service provision and billing, for both VanillaIP and third party services, it is the unifying hub that is central to the VanillaIP experience. The key to success in the cloud is to be able to scale quickly. Any inefficiency, manual systems or inability to quickly add ne... Read more

Package and Service Creation

A key factor that potential resellers should be asking themselves is “How am I going to stand out in the market and be successful?” Clearly there are a number of factors, an important one is being able to present a solution to the customer that is different. Uboss enables this by letting you create custom bundles using our BroadSoft based services, your own and other third party services, into ... Read more


Uboss auto-provisions all VanillaIP services in real-time 24/7. This includes adding users and services, as well as device configuration, so that as soon a user is assigned a device they can immediately plug it in and use it. Building on our founding principle of automating as many processes as possible and minimising back office tasks, Uboss features two mass change tools; Bulk Job and Bulk Se... Read more


The importance of billing is amplified with SaaS models and monthly recurring subscriptions. In the old world of one-off CapEx sales billing was pretty simple. Today we need to bill a complex array of products and services, including ad-hoc charges, landline and mobile minutes and services. Uboss helps you to really scale out your business in the cloud with billing that is 100% integrated and a... Read more

Device & Hardware Fulfilment

Uboss takes the heavy lifting involved in deploying service with automated handset configuration. When a handset is connected to the network it will authenticate and download its config file with the profile for the user. This greatly simplifies rollout and means small remote sites, or home workers, can auto provision without an engineering visit. Uboss Device Pool lists every hard and soft ... Read more

Management Portal

Uboss is a hierarchy based system providing Distributors, Resellers and Customers relevant real-time management information in a clean and elegant interface. Featuring an intuitive, icon based interface, Uboss makes system admin as easy as browsing the web. For customers, the Business > Site > User architecture marries their own business orientation, simplifying navigation and ease of use... Read more
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