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The importance of billing is amplified with SaaS models and monthly recurring subscriptions. In the old world of one-off CapEx sales billing was pretty simple. Today we need to bill a complex array of products and services, including ad-hoc charges, landline and mobile minutes and services. Uboss helps you to really scale out your business in the cloud with billing that is 100% integrated and automated. Key it once and get it right first time with Uboss

As an integrated service Uboss avoids a disconnect between service delivery and billing. Customer self-service is increasing demand for integrated portals and systems. Uboss meets this requirement by putting everything in one place. This reflects the design philosophy behind our development of our Uboss portal which acts as a central hub for consuming, reporting and billing VanillaIP services as well as third party or the resellers own services.

Uboss also allows resellers to productise billing by supporting flexible billing options. More than just getting a bill out, you can actually differentiate by being able to support different tariffs, service bundles and contract rules. You need this flexibility to map your overall service wrap to the customer requirement.

Distributor and Reseller Branding +-

Our total branding capability extends to billing, where Distributors and Resellers can produce multiple invoice and report templates for use within the single bill run process. Not only can custom tariff tables be used but the branding of the invoice will reflect that of the partner. For Distributors this overcomes a significant hurdle in offering true white labelling for their channel. Importantly this will also reflect the different package and service creation at each Distributor and Reseller level

SaaS based models are here to stay so the channel needs to embrace this and understand how total 100% automation is the way to simplify their whole billing process. The idea of setting time aside to do bill runs is obsolete. Resellers need bills emailed out with detailed reporting and analytics online for the customer. This not only saves time but ensures 100% billing accuracy

Automated Billing +-

The importance of single entry is not only time efficiency but precision. By integrating service provisioning with billing we ensure 100% accuracy, not just of the customer bill but in ensuring that you are billing for all services you are reselling. The billing engine itself invoices for the 1st of the month, or whichever date is required, and is totally automated. Uboss emails the PDF invoices and invoice reports to customers. This puts you on the front foot and changes billing from being a reactive “after the event” admin exercise.billing

Third Party Billing +-

Uboss allows billing not just of the resellers own or ancillary third party SDR services, but automated CDR import and billing with our FTP Puller. This allows CDR’s to be imported as often as the third party platform makes them available and provides billing automation for partners that are routing their minutes through a third party carrier.
The big trend in UC is mashups between different applications and platforms. So the question is not so much “Can I bill SaaS now” but “What is SaaS going to look like in future and will I have the capability to bill then?”. That is the real power of Uboss, as a totally open/API driven platform it absolutely addresses the complex cloud billing scenarios of tomorrow

Unified CDR/SDR/Mobile Billing +-

Uboss billing will rate any mix of SDR and CDR rated and itemized tariffs. Significantly for the channel, this also includes mobile billing allowing the partner to offer a mobile solution “in skin” rather than with a separate customer bill. Consolidating all users spend, across packages and services, bundled and ratable VoIP minutes and mobile minutes within a single invoice summary provides the bill clarity customers are demanding.
A significant industry barrier in the adoption of all hosted services is trying to present multi-vendor solutions as one product to the customer. Unified Billing from Uboss is a major step in positioning a single solution to your customers

Billing Business +-

Our Billing Business service is ideal for any business, such as Serviced Offices, that needs to sub-invoice a range of different customers or tenants with different services and different tariffs.

Many businesses need the flexibility to manage diverse billing arrangements with their customers but do not want to get bogged down with hours of complex management. That’s why we created “VanillaIP Billing Business” as an element of our Uboss cloud management platform. It’s a service that allows complete control over service charges, such as Hosted Voice service, floor space, cleaning and anything else, all at bespoke rates for different customers.

For Serviced Offices, these customers can be tenants where volume discounts and third party services can be added. All invoices can optionally be automated to email at month end with full breakdown reports and analysis down to user level. Any call charges can be broken down to individual calls made with reports on most expensive, longest duration etc

Billing Business can be used as a standalone billing solution, outside of VanillaIP Cloud services to provide the service flexibility, bespoke rates and automation for a seamless billing solution.

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