Device & Hardware Fulfilment
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Uboss takes the heavy lifting involved in deploying service with automated handset configuration. When a handset is connected to the network it will authenticate and download its config file with the profile for the user. This greatly simplifies rollout and means small remote sites, or home workers, can auto provision without an engineering visit.

Uboss Device Pool lists every hard and soft IP device within each customer group, site and down to the individual user. This includes Shared Call Appearance users, where multiple IP endpoints are in use. The ability to support Fulfilment Houses allows Resellers to choose their handset provider and integrate that within the Uboss device ordering process. As well as provisioning devices, Uboss also allows reseller logos to be uploaded [to the phones that support this], codecs to be specified and buttons to be configured.

Device Configuration and Automation +-

All handsets and services are automatically configured. Once a user has been created in the system the IP handset can be connected and it will pull down the profile [including button configurations, settings, assigned services etc] for that user and be ready to use. The greatly simplifies rollout and reduces engineering time on-site.


Button Customization +-

Individual buttons can be customized at the Reseller platform level or for a specific customer. For example to make a Call pick-up button on the handset. In addition, buttons can be configured for call recording Pause/Resume and to change ACD state for call centre Agents. Note, not all phones can support all customization options.


Corporate Directory +-

A unique Uboss feature is the ability to integrate with group directories for dial-by-name on the IP phone screen, the same as you would on your mobile. This feature really smartens up the usability of the desk phones by automatically searching both internal users and also system speed dials. Corporate Directory is available on Yealink and Polycom phones, with an added advantage of the former in that incoming calls can display the name of the caller, if matched in the directory.

Call Recording Integration +-

Another Uboss innovation, unique in the UK BroadSoft market, is the ability to configure Polycom IP phone and the Yealink T48 buttons to control call recording. When a live call is up the user can press the Record soft key on any Polycom phone and Yealink T48 and then be presented Pause and Resume softkey to toggle the recording on or off. This is essential for all customer facing staff that need to omit recording of caller credit card details for compliance reasons.

Fulfillment House Integration +-

Fulfilment houses are the resellers or Distributors preferred suppliers of handsets. Uboss will allow handset to be ordered and the fulfilment request sent to the preferred supplier, billing the reseller account directly and allowing them to make 100% margin on all hardware ordered. Uboss can send an order message or have an API link written into the suppliers’ systems to automate the order/delivery process.

Device Registration and Performance Checking +-

Uboss Packet Analyzer is a suite of tools that will show all IP traffic to and from a user handset. This also includes the user Initiated Trace feature, where a customer can dial *57 to log a sub-optimal call and Uboss will automatically build the traces for the call and alert the Reseller support teams. In addition, the bulk config and remote device reboot let Resellers control all devices on their partition without having to burden the customer with rebooting phones. Any devices that are remotely rebooted will not cut off any live calls.


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