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Uboss is a hierarchy based system providing Distributors, Resellers and Customers relevant real-time management information in a clean and elegant interface. Featuring an intuitive, icon based interface, Uboss makes system admin as easy as browsing the web. For customers, the Business > Site > User architecture marries their own business orientation, simplifying navigation and ease of use. For Resellers, Uboss provides a real-time heads up on current activity for the month; such as users and services added, combined with deep business intelligence and insights. This includes breakdowns on what services have been consumed allowing for targeted campaigns to drive ARPU

Distribution and Reseller levels +-

Uboss is the only provisioning platform in the UK BroadSoft community that has been built from the ground up to support separate Distributor and Reseller partitions. This is important because it places no limitations on what can be achieved at any level and provides total flexibility in building unique and compelling go-to-market offers at each level. These include separate packages, tariffs and branding and all other elements that Uboss provides

Single Portal for System, Contract and Commercial Management +-

With the advent of multi-vendor solutions that typically make up cloud deployments, the channel and industry has struggled with how to present this as a unified solution to the customer, not just in terms of interworking and usability, but in terms of system admin and billing. You customer front end is a massive factor in reinforcing this to the customer. If there are separate logins for call recording, billing, BroadSoft provisioning and inbound services, all requiring different passwords and with different navigation then you have a significant roadblock for your customer
Uboss knits together all elements of the solution, BroadSoft and third party provisioning, unified billing for all IP and mobile minutes, packages and services, contract rules and tariffs with call recordings and call logs all in one place. No other platform in the UK channel market today can give you all this

Real-Time Spend and Usage Summary +-

The Uboss landing page features widgets that show current call and service revenue for the month, users by service type and call volumes by type. This provides an immediate graphical view of current platform activity and is a key top level performance indicator.
For each service and package Uboss will show the number in use and who is using them. This provides powerful marketing visualization in allowing resellers to measure the attraction of different packages and campaigns.


MIS report and Analytics +-

Uboss offers customer facing reports, such as call logging, call recording, auto attendant and heat maps as well as a range of detailed billing reports to break down and analyze spend and identify patterns. For Distributors and Resellers the analysis is deeper with churn reports and service deployment summaries. These are essential tools in understanding what is working for your customers and helping you build a long-term successful cloud strategy.


Notifications +-

Uboss Notifications is a hierarchy from Distributor > Reseller > Customer that allows messages to be automatically pushed out at all levels via email. These messages can then be tailored appropriately and resent at the next level. For example, if there is an upgrade and some element of the service is unavailable at midnight for 30 mins this can be pushed out via Notifications, greatly simplifying the Reseller ability to communicate with customers.


Uboss Ticketing +-

Uboss features a full ticketing system built-in that will allow logging and management of tickets at all levels from Distributor > Reseller >, Customer. All tickets and support staff are tracked for ticket type, categorization and SLA providing a total “in-skin” support module. Ops management staff can run reports on ticket patterns to identify what type of tickets they are receiving to identify training issues and improve customer efficiency.


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