Package and Service Creation
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A key factor that potential resellers should be asking themselves is “How am I going to stand out in the market and be successful?” Clearly there are a number of factors, an important one is being able to present a solution to the customer that is different. Uboss enables this by letting you create custom bundles using our BroadSoft based services, your own and other third party services, into a unique and compelling solution wrap to the customer.

Create Unique Packages +-

Uboss breaks BroadSoft bundles down into their component services and allows the reseller to build them back up into their own market offering. This is essential in maximizing ARPU without being stuck trying to sell a single bundle. It also allows targeting specific verticals, such as schools, hospitality or serviced offices with a tailored solution.

Additional a La Carte Menu +-

Aside from the core user bundles partners can provide an upsell service menu. Each service can be tariffed separately, such as call recording. Services that are included within other bundles, such as Meet Me Conference bridge, can also be stripped out and presented as a separate chargeable menu item to the customer. Service menus allow customers to better understand your proposition, your differentiation from your competitors and allows then to assign services to the users that need them

Any Service Type +-

Uboss package creation will support any type of service including voice, data, mobile and connectivity. This allows resellers to introduce new services and more effectively cross sell into their existing base.

Bespoke Pricing +-

We understand that the commercial reality is that there can be pricing pressure in certain bids. Rather than just dropping margin, Uboss features sophisticated billing options, such as offering a one-off promotional discount or building in volume or term reductions. This granular bespoke pricing ability gives the partner some elasticity in negotiating competitive bids without being forced to drop margin simply because that’s all the billing system will allow

Contract Rules +-

With the move to SaaS based models, tariffing and billing have almost become part of the “product” itself as customers embrace monthly subscriptions consumption. Much like a single service bundle will not appeal to all customers, neither will a single billing option. Resellers need the flexibility to offer different term contracts, hardware rebates or free phones to appeal to all customer billing preferences. Uboss allows different contract rules for different services and bundles where the underlying users can all interwork together and Uboss will manage contract terms and apply early termination penalties

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