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Uboss is a cloud management platform that connects platforms, teams and customers. Designed as a central interface for all service provision and billing, for both VanillaIP and third party services, it is the unifying hub that is central to the VanillaIP experience.

The key to success in the cloud is to be able to scale quickly. Any inefficiency, manual systems or inability to quickly add new products is terminal. Uboss simplifies on-boarding of new services and lets you accelerate sales and time-to-revenue for new offerings.

Uboss manages all interop with new BroadSoft applications and feature releases allowing you to monetize these developments as soon as they become available. Furthermore, Uboss API’s allow for auxiliary service integration. From both a provisioning and billing perspective this is essential in onboarding non-BroadSoft products and appearing as a single vendor solution to the customer.

Distributor and Reseller Models +-

Uboss will support go-to-market models for both direct sales and also branded access for your own white label channels. This allows partners to develop unique product development and commercial propositions, built on BroadSoft but with total freedom in building in different BroadSoft services and user bundles. Uboss provides the underlying platform to help your channel be successful. Reseller options include portal, handset logo, URL, desktop app and document branding where your reseller can also create packages within the package framework that you make available to them. This effectively makes both the distributor and reseller BroadSoft services providers as there are no constraints on what can be delivered

Sales Agents +-

Sales Agent can be accommodated as “mini resellers” that can sell service under the parent reseller branding, billing, bundles and pricing. This allows the reseller to offer a turnkey sales solution where there is no onus on the Sales Agent to make their own bundles or manage their own billing. They still have an admin login to Uboss that provides the same level of user and feature management that the parent reseller enjoys.

Uboss ensures that Sales Agents still benefit from 100% automation and allows distributors and other channel providers to offer a tiered reseller channel option themselves, to appeal to a wide spectrum of potential resellers. Commissions can be set per Agent and per service, for example to provide a smaller commission percentage on lower margin products like connectivity. Detailed and automated commission reports simplify the ongoing management of Sales Agent channels and ensure total transparency

Tariffing +-

Tariffs can be assigned separately from the service, to allow preferential tariffs to be applied to higher volume customers or resellers. This can also be used as an upsell or re-signing strategy for existing customers, for example to move them from a resellers Gold to Platinum tariff. Multiple tariffs can be created with different contract rules, for example with different contract lengths or set-up costs. Volume discounts can also be built in, where a service can automatically be discounted once the customer has achieved the agreed tier. Exceptions for a special rate or other promotional amends can easily be added.

Hardware rebate values can also be assigned to term contracts, where the customer gets a credit to offset the cost of phones. Uboss will manage a cascading rebate value per package and also intelligently manage the customer rebate balances.

Commission Structures +-

Uboss simplifies commission management with rules for agents or sales staff to get a percentage share of profit or revenue. This is measured and reported within Uboss for 100% transparency. Tiered commissions can be set to reflect the margin opportunity or importance to the partner. For example, higher commissions could be paid on higher value, stickier deployments like call centre.

Automated Billing +-

Billing accurately and getting it right first time is naturally important for customer goodwill and reducing rework. A cornerstone building block of Uboss is that provisioning and billing are a unified process, meaning there is no disconnect where customers can be overcharged or not charged. Tarriffs are assigned to services and packages and together these automatically populate the customer bill. There is no longer a manual process each month to get the bill run done.  PDF invoices can now be sent automatically on whichever day of the month is required. All invoices and reports are online in Uboss for customer interrogation.

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