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Uboss auto-provisions all VanillaIP services in real-time 24/7. This includes adding users and services, as well as device configuration, so that as soon a user is assigned a device they can immediately plug it in and use it. Building on our founding principle of automating as many processes as possible and minimising back office tasks, Uboss features two mass change tools; Bulk Job and Bulk Service Creation. Between them these tools automate many of the actions involved in adding and removing users from the platform and also configuring services.

Wizards to Add Users and Groups +-

Uboss features wizards to simplify and expedite the addition of new customers’ groups and the users within them. For customer admin and partner ops teams this provides an intuitive walkthrough and encourages customers to self-serve, reducing the support burden for partners.


Bulk Configuration Changes +-

Bulk Job can be used to Add, Modify and Quarantine users and assign and unassign services to them. This downloads a template where you can simply mass populate all the users you need to Add, or the Changes you need to make and upload the template. Bulk Service Creation allows individual services to be bulk configured. For example, to configure voice messaging user, calling line ID or user credit limits.



Number Porting Automation +-

Demand for number porting closely maps general sales growth as customers generally want to keep their numbers. To cope with significant acceleration for both hosted seats and number porting we have developed a unique porting process for submitting and monitoring all port requests.

Uboss features a real-time dashboard to display the details and status of all pending port requests. Unfortunately, in the UK our industry lags many other jurisdictions with the complexity of porting. The automation and measurement we have built into Uboss greatly massages this process for both you and our support teams and provides immediate visibility to customers of the status of their port.

VanillaIP will streamline this process as much as possible and provide total visibility of the status of any port requests. This colour coded heads-up display graphically shows all ports, their current status and any comments with a date and time stamped audit trail. All ports are included; single line, multi-line and non-geographic


Third Party API’s +-

Uboss is designed to allow provision of any type of service that the channel provider wants to offer. This is a fundamental enabler in offering the breadth of services to build long-term success in the cloud. Provisioning can either be fully integrated via API, where Uboss will send provision commands to the third party platform, or manual integration. In this scenario Uboss presents the service the same as any other BroadSoft service in Uboss, but when selected this sends an email to the provisioning team to process.

Customer Self Service +-

New devices can be sent direct to the customer for plug and play installation. Uboss will automatically build the configuration for the handset meaning customers can gracefully scale without any partner engineering intervention. This is an essential element in allowing customer not just to provision new services but to totally rollout new users totally independent of the Reseller.

Automated Fulfillment +-

Devices can be ordered through Uboss and can be supplied by VanillaIP or through the Resellers preferred fulfillment house. This integration means that device ordering and configuration is centralised within Uboss but the partner can take the additional hardware revenue opportunity and utilize any existing hardware distribution relationship. Within the Uboss device order page, phones can be specified to go direct to the customer or the Reseller.

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