Uboss Smarts

Commercial / Contract Rules

Uboss is a service deployment, management and billing engine that allows you to quickly deploy BroadSoft and third party services and scale your business massively and without bottlenecks. With total automation for device configuration and service provisioning, Uboss allows you to key it once and get it right first time. Designed for Service Provider provisioning teams and customer’s direct sel... Read more

Customer Applications

Differentiation is becoming harder to achieve as BroadSoft is increasingly the platform of choice for UCaaS service providers globally. Uboss is one of the only globally available cloud provisioning platforms and the Uboss apps combined with BroadSoft provide an underlying feature differentiation that cannot be matched. Customer facing features like corporate directory, call recording on IP pho... Read more

Sales Channels

The cloud market is exploding. Customers are becoming smarter in terms of their understanding of the cloud and what it can enable for them and it is becoming harder for the channel to stand out with a clear message. Billing is becoming more important in this new world because of the varied nature of services and contract terms the channel need to get creative with customer solutions. In addi... Read more

Messaging & Ticketing

Knowledge is power and the ability to impart timely and accurate updates is critical in maximising customer harmony. Uboss provides a powerful and simple framework to engage with customers technical, marketing or billing teams. These options include notifications, a full ticketing system and supporting documentation for customers to self-diagnose and resolve issues. Together, with your customer... Read more

Network Monitoring

Uboss Network Monitoring is a major customer service enhancement and allows both VanillaIP and Resellers to proactively manage network quality and performance. If there is an issue we no longer need to burden the customer with providing call trace information. The Uboss User Initiated Trace service allows customers to quickly flag a bad call by simply dialling *57 and Uboss will automatically c... Read more


Detailed report breakdowns must go beyond call logger type reports with analysis like what options are people pressing on the auto-attendant, graphical heat maps showing peaks and troughs through the day as well as all the call centre reports etc. For Resellers this is even more important in being able to see real-time widgets and dashboards with call patterns, new services and users added f... Read more
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