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Uboss is a service deployment, management and billing engine that allows you to quickly deploy BroadSoft and third party services and scale your business massively and without bottlenecks. With total automation for device configuration and service provisioning, Uboss allows you to key it once and get it right first time. Designed for Service Provider provisioning teams and customer’s direct self-service, Uboss is a critical element in both product development and customer lifecycle management.

Specifically, Uboss can break down and combine BroadSoft and other services into bespoke packages and tariffs. With custom apps for fraud protection, distributor and agent sales models, cascading partner branding, ticketing, packet analyser and SLA management Uboss will underpin your success in the Cloud

Uboss allows the Distributor and reseller to create any contract rules to support complement their market offering including term contracts, free handsets and bundled minutes.

Contract Terms Management +-

Customers need the flexibility to take different plans and contract options to 100% map your service offering to their business. Often this means taking not just a mix of different bundles, but of different contract options and durations. The ability to customize, not just the functionality, but the contract terms to customers is essential in maximizing new business success.
Uboss, crucially, takes the heavy lifting in managing the contract durations of all users and will automatically impose the correct penalties if the terms are broken with early disconnection. Different contract durations, or the same contracts with different start dates and any mix of ad-hoc and monthly subscribers for both VanillaIP and your own third party services are automatically tracked and managed without any direct touch management from your billing teams.

Rebate Value & Pool Management +-

The ability to offer a free handset naturally sits well with recurring subscription based models. Helping to minimize the upfront cost for the customer is an important factor in all of our success. Our rebate offers apply to all term-based VanillaIP subscriptions, with a higher Rebate value for higher value user packs and services. Uboss will manage all rebate values at a customer level with a combined “rebate pool” for 100% accuracy

Eternity [Lifetime] Licence Management +-

Eternity licences are a pre-purchase CapEx option that allow channel providers to purchase licences upfront and pay a small monthly management charge. This is an open ended option that significantly increases the mid to long term margin available to the partner, who can CapEx these to a customer but would typically sell them with a SaaS based monthly subscription model
Eternity licences have the same bolt-on options and minute bundles and operate the same as any other VanillaIP user.

Promotional Terms +-

Uboss supports the customer lifecycle allowing for customer specific discounts or incentives to be applied, without any manual supervision once they are created. These include automatic discounts that kick in once the specified threshold has been achieved and management of hardware rebate funds

Multi Term +-

Uboss delivers total flexibility with contract terms and also allows customers to take a mix of term contract options from the channel provider. For example, customers with seasonal or project based headcount increase can take their committed staff on 36 month contracts, with the discounts and free hardware that provides, with seasonal staff on 30-day rolling contracts. All users have the same functionality and the ability to co-exist within the same customer environment.

Minute Bundles +-

VanillaIP offer wholesale inclusive minute bundles of UK geographic and mobile to channel providers. Importantly these can either be set as ratable, which allows the reseller to take inclusive minutes from VanillaIP but itemize out all charges to the customer, offering a margin upsell opportunity and a “no loss” discounting strategy to help close competitive bid situations.

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