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Differentiation is becoming harder to achieve as BroadSoft is increasingly the platform of choice for UCaaS service providers globally. Uboss is one of the only globally available cloud provisioning platforms and the Uboss apps combined with BroadSoft provide an underlying feature differentiation that cannot be matched. Customer facing features like corporate directory, call recording on IP phones, heat maps for call volumes, custom call centre reports and detailed reporting add significantly to the overall customer experience.

Connectivity +-

Connectivity is an essential requirement in underpinning the quality and reliability of any cloud solution. Our position is that connectivity is an important enabler but we do not mandate that the channel provider has to use VanillaIP. We offer best-in-class connectivity options with broadband and FTTC. Alternatively, Distributors and Resellers can maintain existing relationships with their current connectivity provider and these third party access solutions can be provisioned via API and billed within Uboss.
We go even further in allowing PSTN interconnect to our core, providing resellers an enhanced margin opportunity by routing their customers call over their own interconnect with, for example, BT. Our core business is in managing our Uboss cloud and BroadSoft platforms and we will support our channels requirements around that without being prescriptive about what services a reseller uses.

BroadSoft Unified Communications +-

BroadSoft is our Hosted PBX platform and we have enabled the full suite of BroadSoft applications including Premium Call Centre, UC-One Desktop and Mobile, Conference Bridge and collaboration. We are unique as a UK based BroadSoft provider in that we do not limit the features that are available to the Distributor and Reseller. In addition, we have an 85 strong R&D team that is constantly developing apps to layer on top of the BroadSoft solution.

Mashups & Integration +-

Cloud telecoms development is moving from standalone “silo” applications to mashups, integrations and API’s. This requires a different skillset than the traditional BroadSoft platform owner has, as product development is not code based but UI based. WebRTC is the best example of a technology that Resellers will be able to tap into with the VanillaIP R&D team quickly bringing  it on-board. Currently, 30% of users in the industry are now using an app in addition to or instead of a device. Competitive device fulfilment models are not suited to automated apps rollout making Uboss a reliable long-term partner and a platform more open to the deploying integration that customers are asking for.

Disaster Recovery +-

Disaster avoidance is always better than disaster recovery but what do you do when the worst happens? Uboss DR allows a preset routing policy for customers, sites, group services such as call centre queues and individual users to automatically reroute calls in a disaster. The logic of routing at a granular scale allows DR to activate at an appropriate level, for example if a single site is snowed in or the access is severed.
For customers this is the ultimate peace of mind. Uboss DR is a cascading level of forwarding so that its only activated where needed.

Key Points

  • Daily credit limit – Typically £15.00
  • Near real-time CDR Rating – Typically 20-minute delay


Toll Fraud Protection +-

Toll fraud and hacking is clearly very topical for all of us in the industry. As an ultimate fail-safe in case the worst happens, Uboss will automatically shut down any extension or group 24/7/365 if call spend limits are breached. If an extension is hacked this limits the cost penalty to what the credit lock has been set to per extension,  £15 is the default setting. Uboss does this by rating each call within approximately 15 mins. Once the limit is breached the live call is terminated and further calls are barred. For customers that make a lot of outbound calls the £15 default can be raised in Uboss.

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