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Knowledge is power and the ability to impart timely and accurate updates is critical in maximising customer harmony. Uboss provides a powerful and simple framework to engage with customers technical, marketing or billing teams. These options include notifications, a full ticketing system and supporting documentation for customers to self-diagnose and resolve issues. Together, with your customers and our Uboss back end there is a massive opportunity for all of us, let’s take it.

Notifications +-

Uboss Notifications provide alerts from VanillaIP about changes, such as upgrades, and allow these to be cascaded down to resellers and customers, both as on-screen alerts in the Uboss portal and email to the relevant users. All Notifications can be filtered for sales, technical, marketing, credit limit alert, number porting and others. This greatly simplifies the reseller burden in updating customers with timely and accurate information and Notifications play a crucial role in maintaining customer satisfaction levels.


SLA Management +-

Adherence to SLA is the foundation stone that manages customer expectation of support and resolution. Uboss Ticketing allows Distributors and Resellers to set SLA’s against ticket severity and provides a running clock of adherence. Transparency is important in providing customers the best service and Uboss supports this by measuring ticket response and providing reports.


Knowledgebase +-

Being able to provide customers the answers to their problems before they open a ticket or call is naturally important in lowering the support overhead of your customer base. Uboss is an incredibly complex system but has an intuitive documentation repository to encourage end users to trouble shoot any problems before they call for support.

Ticketing as a Service +-

Uboss ticketing is available not just to support the VanillaIP services but as a product in its own right. This Uboss module is highly configurable and can accommodate any type of workflow where an incoming queue of actions is distributed to helpdesk agents. Resellers can sell Ticketing as a standalone service for customers that need to manage their own support desk.

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