Network Monitoring
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Uboss Network Monitoring is a major customer service enhancement and allows both VanillaIP and Resellers to proactively manage network quality and performance. If there is an issue we no longer need to burden the customer with providing call trace information. The Uboss User Initiated Trace service allows customers to quickly flag a bad call by simply dialling *57 and Uboss will automatically capture a PCAP trace. This gives your support teams immediate access to all traces, greatly improving response times to your customers.

Packet Analyzer +-

Uboss Packet Analyzer is a powerful and detailed diagnostic and reporting tool used to proactively manage devices and call quality on the VanillaIP platform. As with all Uboss reporting features, Packet Analyzer cascades downwards allowing Resellers to see their entire user community, or a specific customer as required. A number of key features are supported; Call Analysis provides summary visibility of all calls for the resellers customers. IP Alerts will track all VoIP related IP traffic from and to specific IP addresses. This could be used to monitor a customer circuit, gateway or any other device. Device Registrations shows every device connected by the Resellers customers, but can also display attempted registrations, as a real-time of a period view going back up to 14 days.


Network Security +-

VoIP network security requires constant vigilance. This means monitoring the network for suspicious activities, as well as maintaining the operating system and VoIP applications. Our network based security includes 24×7 monitoring, incident handling, configuration changes and compliance reporting by our team of certified security experts. At VanillaIP we take security seriously. We have thousands of business customers connected on 4 continents – and it’s always business hours for somebody. At any given time we have thousands of live calls running through the system. The margin for error is small. The VanillaIP network is distributed between two London data centres and is monitored 24/7. User access to the system is strictly partitioned and there is rigorous, multi – layer authentication to the network core. The VanillaIP network core features rock solid, geographically redundant network integrity. This gives users the assurance of “Five 9’s” [99.999% uptime] without the need to make resilient design decisions and cope with the related cost penalties. An array of checks and balances are in place for the system to self-diagnose and manage itself. Fail over is automatic without the need for technical staff decision making.

User Initiated Trace +-

User Initiated Trace is the ability for a customer to dial *57 after a poor quality call and Uboss to then automatically capture all PCAP traces and other records pertaining to the calls for further diagnosis by the VanillaIP and Reseller support teams. This development makes it simple for customers to report a fault without have to record when the call was made or who they were talking to.


Remote Device Reboot +-

Remote Device Reboot is available at the customer group level and provides the ability to control end user devices without having to ask the customer to restart locally. If a user has a live call up, the reboot will commence once they are back on hook. This service is especially useful when used alongside Packet Analyzer and Bulk Configuration to upgrade users to a newer version or to activate a new feature on the phone. For instance, if the customer wanted a button configured as “Call Pickup” this can be configured for all the users and when their phones are restarted, using Remote Device reboot, the new Call Pickup soft key will appear.


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