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Detailed report breakdowns must go beyond call logger type reports with analysis like what options are people pressing on the auto-attendant, graphical heat maps showing peaks and troughs through the day as well as all the call centre reports etc.

For Resellers this is even more important in being able to see real-time widgets and dashboards with call patterns, new services and users added for the month and adoption of different services types to give the reseller actual business intelligence about what is happening on their platform. This can be used for targeted campaigns to increase ARPU and identify opportunities within the existing base

Telephony Usage +-

Combined call logs and call recording reports are nearly real-time allowing users to access records almost as soon as the call completes in the Uboss portal. These will show each leg of the call and allow users to drill in for detailed investigation. All reports can be downloaded for manipulation in Excel.

Product Consumption +-

Uboss provides a management headline of all the services and packages that have been consumed, both as a running monthly balance but also overall. This allows Distributors and Resellers to quickly grasp their overall position and the relative market strength of their different offerings.

Commercial MIS +-

Uboss features a cascading level of reports, starting with widgets on the home page and drilling right down through service consumption patterns to real-time spend stats and P&L. For Resellers, this can provide a real-time view of exactly how many new services have been added or removed this month and by which customers. What is the cumulative call spend this month across all my carriers and what is my margin? There is flexibility to drill into as much detail as necessary with a range of tabular and graphical reports. The real power comes from combining data from difference sources to deepen the level of business intelligence that Uboss makes available

Call Centre Reports +-

We have taken the underlying BroadSoft call centre stats engine to pull out our own unique Uboss call centre reports. This is a significant upgrade on the base BroadSoft reports and feature Agent, Queue, Service level and Abandoned call reports. Significantly, this also includes graphical reports like heat map which will show a graphical representation of peaks and troughs of incoming calls.

Multi Term +-

Uboss delivers total flexibility with contract terms and also allows customers to take a mix of term contract options from the channel provider. For example, customers with seasonal or project based headcount increase can take their committed staff on 36 month contracts, with the discounts and free hardware that provides, with seasonal staff on 30-day rolling contracts. All users have the same functionality and the ability to co-exist within the same customer environment

Minute Bundles +-

VanillaIP offer wholesale inclusive minute bundles of UK geographic and mobile to channel providers. Importantly these can either be set as ratable, which allows the reseller to take inclusive minutes from VanillaIP but itemize out all charges to the customer, offering a margin upsell opportunity and a “no loss” discounting strategy to help close competitive bid situations.

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