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The cloud market is exploding. Customers are becoming smarter in terms of their understanding of the cloud and what it can enable for them and it is becoming harder for the channel to stand out with a clear message. Billing is becoming more important in this new world because of the varied nature of services and contract terms the channel need to get creative with customer solutions.

In addition, we are moving outside the traditional PBX voice channel, meaning hybrid or non-telecoms reseller channels need to be supported. For example, mobile resellers that are now moving into voice, connectivity providers, backup providers amongst others. Can your business model really accommodate the customers and channel partners you need to grow?

White Label Branding +-

Resellers want to build up their own brand equity, not someone else’s. Uboss really extends out the branding capability and makes it easy. Our branding naturally extends to portal URL’s, branded documentation and Uboss portal logos but also includes branded phone screens, your logo on desktop apps and branded bills. Don’t be me too, be only me, with VanillaIP


  • Customer Packages & Bundles – Create your own unique range of packages to address the whole market spectrum. Don’t be forced to use someone else’s bundles
  • Logo on Polycom VVX 400,500 & 600 Series IP Handsets – Uboss device manager allows the reseller to load their logo which is displayed on the screen of the latest Polycom VVX handsets
  • Branded Desktop Applications – Get your logo on the customer PC, Mac or Mobile with VanillaIP app branding and position yourself as a leading technology supplier
  • Branded Billing – All bills go out automatically via email with your logo and your bill format. No manual billing process is required at the end of the month
  • Uboss Portal Branding – Create a custom Uboss portal URL for enhanced branding and display your logo inside Uboss, our central hub for managing all provisioning, billing and service configuration


Co-Branding +-

For Agent models or affinity partnerships or for Distributors that want to “nail-up” some reseller packages, Uboss supports an extensive co-branding model. This can include a dual logo scenario on all customer facing elements where the master Distributor specifies the packages and tariffs that are available

Agents +-

Agents are typically sales only partners that do not do any provisioning or billing. As such they have a highly focused role and normally need preconfigured customer packages to sell. Uboss allows Agents to have their own Uboss admin portal, where they can only see their own customers, but still benefit from all the advanced Uboss capability the partner has, such as detailed invoice reporting and Packet Analyzer.

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