Universe – April 2017 Promotions

Smart User – Your BroadSoft Seat

Our Smart User is the underlying BroadSoft Hosted PBX user. For 70% of users this is all they will require. In this way, Resellers can have an extremely cost effective seat for a standard Hosted PBX solution without having to purchase a more expensive “Premium” seat and either sacrifice margin or make their proposal too expensive. Add-ons for Smart User include VoiceMail, DDI and Call recording... Read more

Eternity Licenses & Commercials

As adoption of Hosted PBX accelerates, how well positioned is your offering to maximise sales potential and margin in each opportunity? We are not talking about winning deals, we are talking about taking the maximum revenue opportunity available in deals you have won. Uboss provides the most extensive go-to-market commercial options available in the UK today. This is crucia... Read more

Call Fraud, the buck stops with us

The risk of toll fraud is not going away and represents a serious threat to our industry. For Resellers, a serious attack can put them out of business and there have been examples of exactly that happening in the UK. We trust our Uboss security 100% and have taken the unprecedented step of guaranteeing resellers that their total exposure, in the event of a hack, is now capped at three times the... Read more

Branding, it’s all about you

Can your customer Google your service and find a list of your competitors? Being able to stand out in a crowded market is essential to both your ability to win business and ensure margin. If the customer can purchase your exact same offering from your competitor, then your only differentiation is based on price reduction. At VanillaIP we genuinely provide you the BroadSoft building block and... Read more

Uboss Billing

Billing is still largely thought of as an “after sale” activity, where it is still normal to put aside 3 days at month end to get the bill run out. For those companies that do offer integrated billing, it’s often billing on their terms; no ability to add third party services, no mobile GSM billing, ad hoc charges, or mixed terms, volume discount price breaks. In short, not providing the degree ... Read more

Manage your Channel with Uboss

For Distributors, simply putting a Reseller logo on the product is no longer considered a white label solution. BroadSoft does not natively support Distribution and Reseller channels. VanillaIP is the only BroadSoft provider that fully supports a 100% Distribution, Reseller and Agent models in the UIK market. This caters for service providers who need the flexibility to manage and deploy their ... Read more

Put your Support Team in Full Control

Uboss is unique in combining BroadSoft and third party service provisioning, automated white label billing for services, IP, CPS and mobile minutes and IP management tools within one interface. Packet Analyzer is a Uboss module that provides resellers detailed network monitoring tools to give them the capability to run their own Cloud NOC. This features the capability to automatically pull PACP... Read more
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