What is VanillaIP?

VanillaIP is a leading UK provider of real-time, integrated communication solutions in the Cloud. Our unique balance of innovative services, including BroadSoft Hosted PBX, desktop and mobile apps, can help you win customers quickly and keep them long term.

Our Uboss portal streamlines all back-office process, including 100% billing automation, allowing you to focus on growing sales. In addition, Uboss allows customers to self-serve, real-time 24/7, putting them in the driving seat in managing their services.

Being cloud based, we are fast, feature-rich, secure and accessible anywhere. Build a successful future in the Cloud with VanillaIP

Latest Feature - Frontline Customer Contact Tools

Author: Iain Sinnott – Sales & Marketing Director – VanillaIP.   As a director of a cloud communications technology business, I see it as vital to remain close enough to the end customer experience to understand both the benefits and real-life challenges of using the technology we provide. To that end I often sign in … Continue reading “Frontline Customer Contact Tools”

Why use VanillaIP?

BroadSoft Unified Communications

Featuring Desktop and Mobile apps, VanillaIP Hosted PBX provides intelligent working solutions from the Cloud.

Reporting & Analytics

Make sense of your calling patterns, identify upsell opportunities and understand platform usage trends with Uboss dashboard widgets and reports.

Uboss Self Serve

Encourage self-serve and simplify real-time management with Uboss; a single self-serve platform for provisioning, billing and reporting.

Process Automation

Quickly on-board new customers with automation, including automatic device configuration and integrated billing.

Bespoke Package Creation

Uboss flexibility allows you to build a unique market offering, combining BroadSoft and your own services for a 100% tailored solution.

Desktop & Mobile Apps

Our apps and integrations for PC, Mac, Android and iPhone give you an enhanced UC capability to satisfy any customer requirement.


Scaling a Cloud Business

“We function essentially as a sales office now. We’re interested in “how can we add new services to the mix” We want to tie customers to us by the quality and breadth of service we deliver not the fact that they have a term agreement with us. We just do not need the same headcount in the customer service, operations, and accounts teams.”

Paul Reams

Customer Self Service

“Customers are so familiar with self-service that excellent management portals, like Uboss, have actually become part of the “product” itself rather than a way of provisioning and administering the product. Uboss’ clean and elegant interface makes deploying customers as easy as browsing the web”.

Martin Lauer

Uboss Portal Functionality

“The Uboss portal is totally all-encompassing – it covers absolutely everything from porting and provisioning all the way through to fully integrated billing. The development team have clearly thought-out and built a comprehensive platform for the system to grow; the pace of growth is truly impressive with great new features and enhancements being added on a regular basis.”

Simon Davison


Product Development

VanillaIP, and their Uboss platform, has helped us build a Hosted PBX customer base from the ground up. The feature-set is extensive and the platform has been rock solid. Their continual product development and R&D focus gives us great confidence in VanillaIP as a technology partner long term

Martin Adams

Toll fraud locking

Toll fraud locking is topical in the industry as there have been some major high profile hacks. The Uboss toll fraud locking function protects us and protects our customers. We currently have a feature request open to enable hourly credit limits to allow for reduced out of hours and holiday period limits” We use our own billing system but still get the protection of credit locking through Uboss processing our customers CDR’s”.

Brad Norbrey

Centralised Billing

“Hosted UC is just a part of our business, so we needed a billing system that could also process our own services and our mobile billing. Uboss bills down to the user with all services, both ours and VanillaIP’s, combined. Using the Uboss FTP puller means we can load CDR’s automatically”.

Wayne Skellon

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